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Welcome to the space BEYOND the givens, and BEYOND what we have been told to know and believe. Here, we look for essential messages and information that we may be being kept from recognizing. How are we being blocked from knowing? We look at the brain, the cognition, the spirit, the soul, the SELF, and also outside forces and factors we must begin to notice are at work here. Who and what may be influencing us to believe in which and what realities? And why?

Metaterra® Publications, Programs, and Professional Services brings together modern and ancient issues and ideas. Metaterra® seeks to harvest the matrix of intellects and wisdoms, to develop new, highly state of the art, cutting edge ideas and knowledge, while at the same time building on existing and old, even ancient, approaches and philosophies. 

Here, on the Metaterra® book list, and on the related events list, you will find both nonfiction and fiction, and some of what lies between, and some of what lies outside these parameters and these genres -- as we must be willing to think far outside the box now. This is material we all need as we move into these ever more complex times. 

Consider this the voice of NOW, the messaging of Metaterra® Central.

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