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Our authors are frequently asked to provide consulting and other author services. Many of our clients send us wonderful recommendations regarding these authors and their author services. We regularly feature clients' recommendations of our authors here on this page.... alternating author write-ups here several times a year....

First and foremost I want to thank Angela, my editor, whose contribution extended well beyond the role of editor. Her combination of gifts is exquisite. She is brilliant, insightful, compassionate, patient and yet tenacious. I would drift off on tangents and she would very gently and purposefully bring me back with her commitment to making sure this book works for people. I loved working on this project with her and I look forward to birthing many more books together.

Janice Campbell

Choosing the Bigger Yes: 5 Steps to an Authentically Happy Life

(self examination, spiritual, self-help book)


Dr. Angela,

I cannot express in words what an amazing experience it has been to work with you. You have been able to take my words, my feelings, my life, and transform all this into a book, actually two books. You have been so sensitive to what I did and did not want in print, thank you, and to every detail that mattered to me. I know some ghostwriters are credited and others are not, and I know you understand my great need for confidentiality here. Just know that those close to me know this is you writing this book for me. And know there will be a time that I add your name as the actual author of my autobiography.

Thank you for your great respect, your very professional attitude, your wonderful literary skills, and your so very creative and sensitive self that I will never ever forget being around as I unfolded myself to you.

(author wishes to remain anonymous at this time)


Dear Angela,

I have been over the manuscript carefully and have sent it off to the publisher as instructed. Right now I want to express my appreciation to you for all that you have done. There is no doubt in my mind that without you my book would have been an airplane that never got on to the runway, let alone off the ground. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Wilmer

Wilmer MacNair

Unraveling the Mega-Church



I thank Angela Browne-Miller, my editor, who deserves a healthy share of credit for any literary virtues this work may have. Thus said, I feel it only fair for me to indulge in a post-penultimate relachement of my propensity for pompous polysyllabic phraseology of exotic provenance. As the apotheosis of Strunkian simplicity, I have duly worshiped her admonishments, but as for this final fling, further criticism of my prolixity is something up with which I will not put.

Enoch Callaway

Asylum: A Mid-Century Madhouse and Its Lessons About Our Mentally Ill Today



Dear Angela,

I am especially grateful for all your help with this novel. As you know so well, a writer balances many claimants for precious space in a 400 page book: plot, time, space, character, flora, fauna, and even fashion. Our hours of discussion helped me cope with my balancing act, not to mention my neuroses!

Whit W. Whitson

Test of Battle



As you probably know, Angela Browne-Miller is not only an oft-published author, she also undertakes book editing and ghostwriting. It is in that capacity that I have gotten to know and respect her highly. Angela edited my recent manuscript titled "Proxy War," which is an historical fiction/Vietnam Era novel set during the Tet Offensive (February 1968). The action alternates from LBJ's White House to a Navy fighter squadron off the coast of Vietnam where the reader experiences the results of Johnson's very specific decisions regarding target selection seen from the eyes and cockpits of the pilots who carried out those decisions. Angela was there for me as I relived several air battle scenes, and many surges of moral anxiety and dilemma, while I wrote this book. In addition to being a great editor and coach, she clearly understands PTSD. She can bring her clinical background to her work with writers when this counts. Angela did a splendid job of editing the manuscript and she is now assisting me in in set up and layout for publishing on Amazon as paperback and Ebook. From start to finish, Angela has been highly knowledgeable, very supportive, and incredibly astute as a thematic, character, structural, and all around skilled editor.

Ernest Fisher

Proxy War

(historical fiction novel)


Dr. Angela,

Now we are about done with my novel, my story, the work of my life. I have to say I never imagined this book could be so powerful, so moving. In fact, I never imagined I could ever get it done because it was so emotional for me to write. Then you and your awesome novel writer’s workshop came along. You taught me the relationship between heart and writing, and mind and words, and how to dig deep, get to the truth, and put it out there. Thank you.

(writer prefers to remain anonymous)

(adventure, suspense, women’s fiction novel)


Angela Brownemiller's wide ranging literary interests have given her the ability to discern the real and true in any presentation she examines. Working as an editor she has consistently reacted positively to what is fair and good in any piece or article presented to her while concurrently demanding improvement in material that does not meet her standards.

Dr. Browne Miller's experience in the varied disciplines of personal and well as spiritual development has made it possible for her to develop a generous point of view while also requiring a basic discipline in terms of presentations. Her sense of what is right in any work is absolutely dependable and her ability to track a false note is not questionable.

Good work can count on being praised by her as dependably as work that needs improvement receives her positive attention. Her responsible involvement in many fields brings her personal best to the analysis and discussion in which she shares her insights.

Victor di Suvero

author, poet, publisher


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